About us

What happened to the chicken when it crossed the road? It was met by an oven and thus BAKED BIRD was born.

The love for the chicken wing runs deep within the family. All my life, I have eaten in so many chicken wing joints, from the gourmet style to late night haunts, but the true vision for Baked Bird catapulted when I met my wife.

Homemade beginnings

It seems we were a match made in a chicken farm as she had also eaten at just as many chicken places, if not more. Comparing the numerous places we had tackled, we ended up naming our wedding tables after Chicken Joints we had been too.

From then on, it seemed like my calling to create the perfect wing for her.

So I decided to create different flavoured wings for her at home. Since we didn’t like the process of deep frying, I toyed with the idea to replicate that texture and process but by using an oven. And voila! Baked Bird was concocted.

A truck is born

Our recipes are homemade, and made from scratch. We take pride and love in our wings, from preparing to marinating to serving. ​The process we use has given our wings the texture of a fried wing, without the oil.

The wings remain moist and moreish, and you’ll be able to shovel down copious amounts without even realising.​

We created Baked Bird for people to enjoy our brand and vision, where the chicken wing can be Oven Baked and also enjoyed just like a fried wing, but with less guilt.

​Baked Bird now has a converted Horse Box Trailer, to serve its chicken wings at street food festivals and markets.

We are determined to disrupt the chicken wing game by bringing the best Oven Baked Wing.​

Yours Truly,
Wing Slinger